Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Come What May, and Love it

I've been rather frustrated with life lately, it's thrown me a couple curve balls that i haven't really known how to handle. And that really quite bothers me because i'm one of those people who likes to plan ahead, and know how things are going to turn out, and almost every aspect of my future right now, is just a bit hazy for me. That's not something i enjoy so much. I thought going home for Thanksgiving would help to clear my mind and help to pull somethings together but, if anything, it just made me more unsure about things. But as always, i've been reminded this week (even though it's only tuesday) that i'm never completely alone and that there's alway somone aware of what i'm going through. And for that i'm eternally grateful.

One of my best friends, Austin, is on a mission in Johannesburg, South Africa and he has a companion that has never gotten any mail, so i started writing him, along with Austin, every week. Anyways, i got a letter from him yesterday, and he had to have been inspired to write the things that he wrote because everything he wrote was just like an answer to my prayers. I honestly must've read the letter like 5 times yesterday. He talked about work and the importance of working your hardest in all that you do. He said that, "the priviledge to work is a gift, the power of work is a blessing, and the love of work is success." He also talked about choices and how life isn't a game, that every choice you make has a consequence. That's not even beginning ot scratch the surface on what he wrote but i loved it.

The other sort of blessing in disguise was Elder Wirthlin passed away last night. That in and of itself is not a blessing but my boss and I at work this morning were talking about it and she briefly mentioned a story from his last general conference talk and it prompted me to go look it up. I had forgotten how great it was. I feel like a lot of times the talks in general conference don't apply to me right at the time they are being spoken but as i read them over and over again and as new things come up in life, they all seem to tell me something eventually. It was the "Come What May, and Love it" talk and basically he just talks about how attitude is everything and the only way to be truly happy is if we choose to be happy no matter what gets thrown our way in life. The main points he stresses is to learn to laugh, keep an eternal perspective, know that you'll be compensated eventually for any hardships you endure, and to trust always. There's opposition in all things but if you learn to deal with it right, adversity can end up being some of the greatest blessings in your life.

And finally, to finish off this massively long post, I know why i've been so stressed lately! I came across an article today that talked about how swearing and kissing are two of the greatest stress relievers. And well, since i don't swear i obviously have ot make up for that by kissing more often and since i'm at a lack of that in my life (well i'm always at a lack of that in my life) it totally explains being stressed.

and now i'm done.

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charlotte said...

I loved Elder Wirthlin's talk. Sorry you've been frustrated lately--let me know if I can help you figure things out. I'm a good listener :) I do love that truth though, that happiness is a choice and you can be happy regardless of your external circumstances.

Those stress relievers are awesome. Emily came up with a new ShamWow word that might help you relieve some stress without really swearing: Shammit. Try it.