Saturday, November 29, 2008

Death Sheets

Growing up, my oldest brother Brandon use to always complain about death sheets on his bed, we all made fun of him for it. seriously, how dangerous can bed sheets really be?!? Well since I've been home, I've been sleeping on his so called "death sheets" and let me tell you, they could probably kill a man. Every night so far I've woken up numerous times to being wrapped up in them! I'll put them back on the bed and try and secure them on tight but it doesn't help, i still wake up hours later to the being tied up by my sheets. So far I haven't found them around my next yet, but i wouldn't be surprised to fine myself choked to death by them some morning. I had trouble getting out of bed this morning because i was so tangled up. I know i talk in my sleep but i know for a fact that i don't move around in my sleep enough to tie myself up this much. These sheets are possessed by the devil.


Cherise Davies said...

AHAHAha! That's funny. You and sheets. First you have to sleep on my hideous yellow ones that make you fall off the bed and then those! goodness! i bet you can't wait to go home! :)

charlotte said...

That's pretty hilarious!!