Tuesday, June 10, 2008

thoughts to ponder

So we went to the lake today to play in the sand and in the water and after playing with Ethan and Heather for a bit i decided to go up and lay out on one of the chairs and get some sun, because i'm rather translucent. While i was laying there, basking in the sunlight, i noticed a little kid next to me was eating a Jolly Rancher.
It got me to thinking, who named that candy? Since when are ranchers known to be Jolly and why in the world would you name a fruity candy like that after a rancher? Ranchers don't deal with fruit, they deal with Cattle, so i'm suprised there's not like a cow pie flavored jolly rancher. If anyone would like to read up on why they named their candy Jolly Rancher, here's the link to the worlds greatest source of knowledge...WIKIPEDIA!. Apparently, as stated in the article, it has to do with western hospitality. I still think it's a lame name for a piece of candy though. Just in case anyone wants to know, the apple ones are my favorite and watermelon comes in second.


jessica said...

I'd have to say apple is my favorite too. I also noticed how much you loved your pedicure. I'm a big fan myself and I think we should have a girls day out over Thanksgiving to get pedicures.

charlotte said...

I like the watermelon and the fire ones.